CSE 1010 - Computer Science 1

Introduction to computer science, no programming involved

CSE 1110 - Structured Programming 1

Computer Science course for introductory programming and control flow

CSE 1120 - Structured Programming 2

Computer Science course for programming systems

CSE 1240 - Robotics Programming 1

Programming in the context of robotics

ELT 1010 - Electro-Assembly 1

Electronics course for introductory skills and knowledge

ELT 1080 - Control Systems 1

Control systems course for learning the basics of control theory

ELT 1130 - Robotics 1

Robotics course for introduction to robotics and its applications

ELT 1140 - Robotics Applications

Second level robotics course for more robotics and its applications

ELT 1910 - ELT Project A

CTS Project for FRC team members

ELT 2080 - Control Systems 2

Further discussion of control systems and control loops

ELT 2130 - Magnetic Control Devices

Exploring electromagnetism and the devices that use its qualities

ELT 2140 - Robotics 2

Robotic sensors, control and automation

ELT 2180 - Process Control

Simulation of control systems; how they parameters and algorithms work

ELT 2910 - ELT Project B

CTS Project continuation of ELT1910 (use for second build season)

Special Projects

Project credits for build season hours (FRC)

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FRC West Curriculum

Courses designed for FRC team members by FRC members to educate students about the concepts used in engineering, design, programming, fabrication and more.

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