These are the resources required for each course. Some of them may be acquired through ADLC if you request them.

Errors here may result when curriculum is changed. Please be dilligent about checking that items are required.

The materials listed are for one student. Multiply as needed.

CSE 1010 - Computer Science 1

  • Computer with internet access

CSE 1110 - Structured Programming 1

  • Computer with internet access
  • Python 2.7 installed locally or remotely
  • Text editor

CSE 1120 - Structured Programming 2

  • Computer with internet access
  • Python 2.7 installed locally or remotely
  • Text editor

CSE 1240 - Robotics Programming 1

  • No requirements

ELT 1010 - Electro-Assembly 1

ELT 1080 - Control Systems 1

ELT 1130 - Robotics 1

  • 1 VEX Robotics Kit (any size/kit) (permission to use another kind of kit can be granted)
  • Small box/basket
  • Small balls

ELT 1140 - Robotics Applications

  • 1 VEX Robotics Kit (capable of completing 2012-2013 game)
  • 2012-2013 game pieces (sacks and platforms)

ELT 1910 - ELT Project A

  • FRC Kit of Parts (given to all FRC teams)

ELT 2080 - Control Systems 2

  • Supplies for a small robotic vehicle (motors, wheels, base, battery, wires, sensors) (activity)
  • Computer with internet access

ELT 2130 - Magnetic Control Devices

ELT 2140 - Robotics 2

ELT 2180 - Process Control

ELT 2910 - ELT Project B

  • Registered on an FRC team

Special Projects

  • Registered on an FRC team

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